Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Health update Feb 2017

A number of people have asked why I haven't given any updates on my health - well the main reason is that there isn't much to say! I have already lived one year beyond the original prognosis, which is pretty amazing.

So to clarify
- I have been back on chemo since September, and apart from what's left of my hair going very white, I am not suffering any significant side-effects.
-  My general health is excellent. My energy levels are less than they were, but then I'm getting older!!
- I am suffering only mild pain. I have been on the same amount of pain killers since June 2016, which is unusual, as normally the body becomes tolerant to it, so dosage needs to be increased.
- I am having weekly blood tests and occasional scans. Generally these are positive - the previously identified tumours seem to be shrinking, but a possible new one has developed. My kidney function is pretty stable, and my cancer markers are down.
- Medically, it is a case of "as you were." My oncologists say I am terminally ill
- The miracle goes on. My oncologists have little or no idea why I am still alive - if they did, they'd be selling books by now.
- We have big pans for this year, including a trip to UK in April for a Church Army International Leaders' Conference, and a possible visit to Malawi to deliver some Church Planting Movements training, plus loads of stuff in New Zealand.

Keep praying - you are helping the miracle to continue!