Wednesday, April 27, 2016

2 nights, 2 hospitals

I have an oncology appointment every 2 months, just to keep an eye on things, and blood test beforehand. This week's tests showed my kidney operation was only at 20%, so I went to our local hospital. A scan revealed that the lymph nodes were pressing on the tubes between the kidneys and the bladder, and restricting urine flow, meaning my kidneys were unable to function. So, a night in Middlemore hospital.

Middlemore doesn't really do urology, so I was transferred to Auckland City hospital. They inserted two plastic tubes into my ureters, which involved the one medical procedure I have been dreading the most - gentlemen, feel free to cross your legs at this stage! Anyway, the operation was successful, so I am free flowing once more.

Other god news - they have booked me in to have the two tubes replaced in 9-12 months time. By which time I'll be over a year beyond my original prognosis!!