Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Strong or dead?

An African friend of mine recently posted on Facebook "It takes a strong man to swim against the current; any dead fish will float with it". How very true.

Our daughter Emily recently had her car written off - not her fault I hasten to add - so bought a new one. She needed a roomier car, to carry displays etc. for her work as a brand ambassador, one with good all round-viewing for the driver, reasonably economical to run, new enough to probably not need too many repairs, reliable, and cool and stylish. She found one which perfectly fitted all the criteria, except the cool and stylish bit - and it was for sale at under market value.

Personally I look for functionality as my over-riding criteria, but I realise that for younger people this is not always the case. Content over-style wins for me, as anybody observing my dress-sense (or lack thereof) will agree, style over content is a more common mantra. One of the joys of growing older (more mature?) is genuinely being less concerned with what other people think!

But as I consider trends in politics, often it is personalty-driven politics rather than policy-driven. Many of today's most popular and adored figures are well known only for being well known it seems. And churches too often fall into the trap of putting style over Godly, Biblical, obedience-focussed content.

So well done Emily - your style, panache, flair and utter coolness extend far beyond the metal box you use to transport you from one place to another. And well done politicians who actually stand up for their beliefs and standards and principles whether or not they catch the eye. And well done those rare folk who massively contribute to society without caring if they gain shallow praise. And well done those churches who are faithful in proclaiming good news, celebrating Jesus' life, death and resurrection, and his active presence among his people today, and serving those in greatest need, even if they will never appear on today's list of ten must-visit churches.

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