Monday, May 7, 2012

I'll just sleep awhile

I love the story Jesus tells in Mark 4:26-29 of the farmer who sows seed, then basically ignores it! Whether he sleeps, watches TV, plays cricket or keeps himself busy, "the seed sprouts and grows...all by itself." This past week I have been in and around Dunedin (South Island for those who don't know - this is after all an international blog!) so of course all progress has come to a complete standstill in our little Church Planting Movement.

 Okay, that isn't entirely true. Monika, John and Heidi have been continuing with the four embryonic churches we have running in homes, as well as all the follow up. But not much more. Except that when they re-visited a Fijian lady and her partner they were really keen to host a training group and invite friends and family, so I suppose that's mini-church number five launching on Friday. Then there is the young Samoan guy who invited one of his friends to their group, and his friend committed his life to Jesus - our first spiritual grand-child. How cool to see a teenager leading his friend to faith in Jesus, just wish I'd been there...

 There's something disturbing about a church being planted in my absence. I'm the trained and commissioned (Church Army) evangelist don't you know? Three years full time training, years of experience, a licence from every Bishop in New Zealand...seem to count for very little these days! The farmer in Jesus' story observes the growth taking place "though he does not know how." That makes two of us! Though I am wondering if I should go away more often - perhaps a return to Dunedin in the spring to launch a Church Planting Movement down there?

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