Thursday, March 29, 2012

CPM second Thursday

There's a Chinese guy in the Community we call home, whom we've been sharing Jesus with in recent weeks - a deep thinking guy who asks endless questions. We just found out that he wrote and prayed his own prayer of commitment on Sunday! In this current atmosphere of Godly activity, I guess he was finally drawn in!

One of our teams met a young Mum at the first door they knocked on with anybody in, and before long another baby Christian was born. We know it isn't always like this, but at the moment God's glory is abundantly present in Avondale!

One of the key concepts of CPM is the "person of peace" (Luke 10). This is the vital person who will welcome you, and be a gate-keeper in the locality. I have previously mentioned Michael, a young guy who recommitted his life to Jesus, though we had intended to speak with his Mum! We met her again yesterday, and it was an astonishing time. She readily welcomed Monika and I, along with Tim, into her home, and although we had not met her prior to this visit, within a few minutes she was telling us her story, a story so moving, deep, profound and intimate that she has only told it to 3 other people in the past 20 years. It was a story of immeasurable darkness, but eventually one of great and abiding hope.

When we explained the "person of peace" concept, and gently suggested that she might be just that person, she put her head in her hands. She explained that she had been in Avondale for 14 years, longing to serve God, but not knowing what to do, and had consistently prayed that God would move her or use her. Now, finally, this beautiful lady has the answer to her prayers. God was powerfully present, and we await with enormous expectancy to see how that home will impact the wider community.

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  1. Sounds as though you are having a great time and that God's Spirit is moving with you! Great testimony!