Friday, March 23, 2012

CPM day 5

I'll start with a quote from one of our Gap students. "Day 5 of door to door evangelising - so good. It's crazy the number of people who don't know the basics of the Gospel - who have had misconceptions or believed lies their whole lives. What an incredible experience it is to be able to bring light & truth into those situations! Saw one person almost come to faith today, will catch up with her again on monday. God is so good!" Ever heard an 18 year old write that about door-knocking before? I certainly haven't.

As promised an update on the guy who became a Christian on Tuesday. He told us a little more about his background - only two convictions, for firearms and drugs! We talked about he could tell others his story, including his messed up past, but then how he met Jesus, and how his life has already changed significantly since then. He was so excited to think that in telling his story he could help others. We took him through the Gospel presentation again, so hopefully he can share that with others. Then we did a simple Bible study based on Zacchaeus' encounter with Jesus, in the process teaching him how to study the Bible for himself - remember we are not just looking for new followers of Jesus, or to start new groups, but we are seeking to start a new church planting movement - which requires new believers to share faith, lead groups and train others! Our new believer said he had been reading the Bible, and promised to pray for us until we meet again next Friday! One key thing he said, "I listen to you two because you listen to me." Relational door-knocking is possible.

Two other pairs had amazing days. One led a Maori lady to faith in Jesus, while the other had a great time with as young lady of Russian descent, who was incredibly close to receiving Jesus as her Lord and Saviour, but decided she needed to know us better! So she is coming to spend Monday in our community - our StreetHope strapline is "Come and see" and she will do just that.

So after one week, three new followers of Jesus, numerous interested people to follow up, many more positive conversations, and an exhilarated but exhausted team of door-knockers.

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