Tuesday, April 5, 2011

What's Director to do?

I am in the final stages of preparing our magazine, "Together", which goes out three times each year to church leaders, churches, friends and supporters. One of the things I've been meaning to do for while was to trawl through our database, and see how many individuals have not contacted us for four or more years - and by definition have given not a cent during that time.
What a depressing task that was - precisely 641 people fall into that category. They receive our magazine year after year, and perhaps read it from cover to cover and use the contents to pray for us and to promote our ministry. But really? Many will give it a cursory flick through, then lay it aside or simply bin it - not considering the wasted resources of time and money.
So each will receive a little piece of paper with the next edition - inviting them to reply and let us know they want to remain on out mailing list. and I hope many will choose to make the effort and do so.
Passivity sometimes infuriates me - how right it is that we ask forgiveness not just for the wrong we do, but for the good we do not do. Tomorrow I shall walk to our local Muslim Centre, find the Imam and seek his forgiveness for the idiot American who thinks it is cool to burn the Qur'an, and explain that not all Christians are like that. What an impact it would have on Muslims in the West of all Christians humbly did the same.

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