Saturday, January 1, 2011

Northy 6

Another young evangelist who benefited from Sister North's gentle apprenticeship training was Eileen Brady, who enlisted for a "Cycling Bike Hike Mission" without mentioned the fact that she could not actually ride a bike!
"Really, the falls that poor girl suffered, it was dreadful." But Northy's approach was persevere rather than surrender, and that is what happened "she had the most dreadful falls but although she fell down, you couldn't down her." Perhaps that was a reflection of New Zealand at the time?
Many of my faith heroes have that same belligerent, stubborn, never-say-die attitude, in contrast to many who claim God's call to ministry, but return from the mission field - at home or abroad - after a few years or even months. "I couldn't cope with the heat/food/people/loneliness/hard work/stress/boredom(???)/language/rejection etc. etc." Or the vague "it just didn't feel right." So what happened to God's call?
I have to say I have loved ministry in every place God has called us to - but nobody can say that for the Clark family it has always been easy - indeed, at times, it was only the certain knowledge that God had called us, that enabled us to carry on. Maybe that's just my stubborn Yorkshire streak - but if you are thinking of giving up, why not pray for strength and determination from God instead?

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