Thursday, December 23, 2010

Northy 4

The apprentice model of training is becoming increasingly popular once more. But for this to work, it needs the 'apprentice' to be obedient to 'the master'! I mentioned Felcie Childs and her offer to work with Sister North - well she did just that. But Felcie didn't find it easy!
"I asked Felcie to read the lessons or to take part in the prayers, or to give a short talk, and to her it was agony. She was a very, very shy girl and when she got up to read she really suffered...and to read was painful. What she said often bore very little resemblance to what was in the Bible, or what she was reading."
I am pretty sure that at this point we would give up on our apprentice, and suggest that this life and ministry just was not for them. But in true Church Army fashion, Northy cruelly insisted that Felcie carry on!
And over time, Felcie improved. "As time went on, she was so conscious of the call of God that she didn't care whether she looked silly. She very quickly improved her reading and her manner...she was commissioned and I got golden reports of her work...she never looked back, and it all stemmed from the fact that she had been called of God, and if that meant a hard struggle then she would undertake that hard struggle."
I pray for those in CANZ to have such spiritual toughness and determination, and for God's call on our lives to be so clear and powerful that we will never give up.

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