Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Northy 3

It is said that you are only a leader if someone is following! Even before Church Army was formally established in New Zealand (which happened in 1935), Sister North was approached by a young lady who felt called to serve with Church Army.

Northy explained that at that stage, there was no guarantee that Church Army would ever operate fully in New Zealand, that some of the bishops had so far not given their approval, and "if you give up your work now and come to me, the time might come when your work will come to and end and you will have to go back to whatever you can find in the world."

2011 will see CANZ launch a new initiative/movement whereby people will gather in missional/incarnational communities, to radically share Jesus, live as contagious disciples, and offer life-sharing community. We will offer training and equipping, mentoring and ongoing support, resources, and some help with hospitality costs initially - but it is unlikely that we will ever offer a 'salary'. The call is a dangerous one, with few guarantees, and we expect few will have the faith, courage and passion to join us.

Felcie Childs responded to Northy's discouraging comments with these words - "I have laid down my life at the foot of the cross, and whatever that means, I will do it."

Loving God, please bring such people to serve along side Church Army NZ

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