Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Amazing...

...Pukeko. I love them. They are ridiculous, gawky, and lack elegance, but there is something strangely compelling about them, especially now that baby pukekos are on the scene. Their walk is a delight, strutting with their massive feet, white fluffy backsides stuck out exaggeratedly.

I'm not convinced they play any great role in maintaining the ecological balance in New Zealand, or anywhere else. Their 'song' is a squawk. They neither fly nor walk with any degree of grace. But I love them. Partly because they represent something of the extravagant creative power of our God - and He, like me, thinks they are great. And perhaps I see myself in them - not particularly amazing at anything, and ridiculous in some ways - yet I too am an expression of God's extravagant creative power, and I am greatly loved by Him. As are you.

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