Friday, August 27, 2010


I love Oakley Creek, and we walk along it frequently. In recent wet weks it has been fairly thunderous, often overflowing its usual boundries - far different from the gentle creek we enjoyed last summer. Even when it is out of sight we can hear it, swelled by the frequent if short lived Auckland downpours.
There is one section where it twists and turns dramatically, before regaining its original course - I wonder if one day it will simply cut a path straight through the slowly eroding bank - though I hope not.
In some ways our first twelve months in New Zealand have been a time of meandering, rather than the torrential impact I imagined we'd be having by now. A time to assess, take stock, be quiet, settle, pray and plan. But I pray that the time when the Gospel and the love of Jesus will be flooding unstoppably across this land is not too far away - and I long to gain a deeper understanding of what Church Army's part in that will be. There is a time for meandering, but Lord, may it soon be done.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Shuffle along now

As a child I received a pair of slippers every single Christmas - useful, appreciated, but not exciting. I have been sadly slipper-less for many years, but approaching my 50th birthday (some way off yet!) I fancied again owning a pair - and my ever dutiful wife duly obliged.

A few days later Monika asked "why do you walk like that when you are wearing slippers?" and to my surprise I realised that I did indeed engage in the slipper-shuffle! Why? Well maybe wearing slippers conjured up sub-conscious images of me sitting by the fire, pipe in hand, slippered feet up, as I fade into retirement?

I make every effort now to walk properly when wearing slippers. I feel far from ready to wander off into the sunset with my zimmer for support - and thankfully I have a wife who won't allow me to!

Or as they say in Moerewa, "Tama tu tama ora, tama noho tama mate"
(To stand is to live to lie down is to die)