Thursday, March 4, 2010

Money makes the world go round. Really?

I have invested quite a lot of time recently in putting together a business plan for one of our Evangelists, Louise. Louise works in Christchurch, and has a little bus she uses to reach kids and families in one of the most challenging areas of the city. We had the privilege of spending a week with Louise and the team last year, and the ministry is simply amazing.

Louise draws on her own difficult childhood to keep herself motivated and fresh. She says that she is determined that other children should not have to go through tough situations without the opportunity of doing so knowing the love and friendship of Jesus. She knows each child and the families inside out, and can reach them in word and action in ways that those of us who had more privileged early years never could.

It isn't fun writing business plans, but as I did so I was moved again as I was reminded of the fantastic work being carried out. But it angers me when the church can seemingly continue to fund liberal clergy who have no message to proclaim, who preside over dying churches while denying the historical creeds of our church; can continue to support extensive building programmes (I heard just this week of 2 churches in Auckland being given $1,500,000 between them)when we have plenty of vastly under-used buildings already - but we have to go cap in hand begging for financial scraps for such a vital outreach ministry as the Canterbury Kids' Coach.

I suspect Jesus still weeps.