Sunday, January 31, 2010

Parachute two

Young people do my head in - I simply don't understand them half the time. I can cope with them when they're asleep, but beyond that...!

We are at Parachute, the highlight of the year, having paid serious dollars. Speakers and bands from across the globe...and the kids sit around playing cards. Why did you come, idiots!

Fast forward two days. The rain it raineth, in English proportions, everyone is less dry than Wet Wet Wet ever were, and the older Clarks are seriously thinking of coming home. So the card-playing, big speaker-missing, God-ignoring youngsters turn out in their thousands, cheering, singing, worshipping, drowning, praising, faithful, excited, passionate, Jesus-adoring. What is going on?

"The rain was so stopped it being just fun or entertainment, and made us focus wholeheartedy on Jesus."

We need to hear it again - despite what many say, todays youngsters don't want spoon feeding and mollycoddling endlessly. They are willing to get drenched, and even to die, for a worthy cause.

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