Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I've been done

It is funny how certain phrases become fashionable - and consequently are repeated until you are heartily sick of them (rather like some songs!). One such line for me is "we are human beings, not human doings." The more I think about it the more it sounds like an empty 1960's hippie mantra or a new age excuse for sitting around doing nothing. But I do get the point.

If you want to make my wife, Monika, really angry, just ask her what she does. Because what you are really asking of course is whether or not she is in paid employment. Whether we like it or not, we tend to define and evaluate people by their job and title. But Jesus doesn't do that. Jesus sees Monika's passion to serve him and people and her tireless labours - and that she works twice as hard as her husband for no pay!

Church Army is considering becoming an order, rather than a society. I don't fully understand the difference to be honest, but I think part of the point of being an order is being known for what we are, not what we do. Church Army NZ currently describes itself by its task - "we follow Jesus, make him known, and help others do the same." I have started describing us as "a community of pioneering evangelists." Our being and our doing - surely one must come first and define the other?

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